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I've been given mad props for years for my "BBQ" skills. But I have never BBQued in my life. The Brinkman Smoker is on it's way for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ. Your all invited if Phatmike says it's cool.

I have 2 questions. Anybody know where the good butchers are in the Boston/Boston metro area?

Does anybody have a good rub mix for St. Louis Style ribs? I want to keep them dry and have sauce on the side. So the pussies that can't take it hot will still enjoy the hospitality.
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I usually go with kosher salt, black pepper, brown sugar, oregano... and maybe even some cinnamon & cayenne &/or chili powder.

Here's another take:
That's funny. The indirect heat method was as close to BBQuing has I've come. I gotta find the wood chips now and the technigue to use both baskets with 2 kinds of meat. ribs and brisket.

I'm damn good at controlling heat but I get careless and forgetful when drinking is involved and that is certainly gonna happen a lot on Memorial day weekend.