Jenn Vix (jennvix) wrote in bachelorbuffet,
Jenn Vix

I just HAD to.

(tragedy for you - front 242)

no soup for you

with that skill that was his alone
he drove home his recipe
i was dumbfounded
i was hungry
i required soup entirely

all that's left is an empty bowl
it's a sad state outside au bon pain
it reeks of sage, it's salted
receipt is in my hand
i still hold a crust of bread
i clearly retain
a spoon
some change
the soup in my bowl
the one onion roll
a greasy stain

hot stove, warming buns
needed soup, started to run

and that soup that was his alone
still left with his recipe
he left me starving
dinner time
and the split pea
his recipe is in my heart
he inspired in me
an acute sense of the hungry

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